Orginal Black Vortex Drum Smoker


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All Bullfrog Smokers & BBQ's are designed and produced in house. Made in the USA with absolutely no outsourcing and use only American made materials.

Our proprietary Vortex Drum Smokers were created to provide an even cooking temperature throughout the drum. It creates a system where the smoke and heat are evenly dispersed throughout the smoker to achieve tender, flavorful and hearty smoke flavor to your food.

It does an excellent job holding temperatures between 200-500 degrees. If you are looking to cook low and slow or achieve high and fast this drum is the perfect tool. BBQ fanatics from amateurs to experts seek smokers like ours because of our unique designs help master any cookout. They are great for backyard BBQs, tailgating, competition events and even catering to big crowds.


  • 3 Tier levels for grates and hanging ribs
  • 2 Custom CNC carbon steel grates - 1 rib hangar + 1 full grate where half can be removed to hang grates. Perfect for hanging meat one on side and placing other food on the half grate
  • Original designed 10lb coal basket with ash collector and extended handle for easy insertion and removal. Creates an easy process for cleaning.
  • Proprietary vortex diffuser plate. Creates even circulation of heat and smoke for tender and flavorful meat
  • Lid with 2” Exhaust tube w/ adjustable damper
  • 2 Custom CNC handles
  • 2 2” intake tubes for regulating temperatures w/ adjustable damper
  • Standard thermometer integrated in custom plaque w/ tool hangar
  • 3 Wheel assembly welded on for strength and balance with custom CNC legs

From when order is placed, turn around is 4-6 weeks since this is not a stocked item, and made to order! 

Color: Standard black
Standard: Withstands outdoor elements and withholds up to 1000 degrees
Shipping Dimensions: 36”x 36” 42" tall, standard pallet
Weight: 150 lbs