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My son Brandon helped me realize our true potential was creating products for the expanding BBQ community. While Brandon was stationed in Houston, Texas, for the Airforce, one of the biggest meccas for bbq food, he recognized the genuine passion and love of the southern style of food. In addition, he realized their passion for smoke and bbq food. His trip opened a new door for us, a door that led us to create unique and original products for the bbq community that would last a lifetime.
With the tools in our shop, the possibilities were endless to create this same experience in California. He helps manage the business from social media, sales, and shipping, so if you're on our Instagram, that's him!

Having always been called "MacGyver", and over time it turned into calling me "Mike Gyver", this is because I have always had a knack for creating new inventions. But, over time, I realized my true passion for metal fabrication. After some failed attempts in other business ventures, I realized I wasn't doing what I loved, but metal fabrication was my true passion. Through metal fabrication, people would recognize my true craft and originality.
Our products are made from high-quality materials, countless hours of design time, and everything made by hand. These are items that you will not find in your local stores. It truly brings a smile when people recognize my heart and passion poured into my work. It's an art and can't be replicated. I strive to create a product that can be passed through generations! 

Educare School
Educare School


Brandon and I love the outdoors, off-roading, and of course cooking in our backyards. He still currently serves in the Air Force in Southern California and is happily married; and has an eccentric little dog full of personality they adopted off the street. A little about myself: because of the BBQ community, I was able to recently quit the construction job I worked for 20 years. I have two Australian shepherds who are too bright for their own good, a small family of chickens, and I'm passionate about fabricating in my shop located in Rialto, California.

We are honest. We offer competitive, fair prices that will not be beaten. We are passionate about creating products that will find a new home. We want to make sure when people receive their product; they fall in love at first sight. We believe in loyalty and creating solid relationships with our customers. We are real people who are reliable and believe in integrity.

"Because of your purchase,  we can live the American dream of owning a small business."

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